To fulfill our mission of empowering women worldwide, we must focus on gender equality in education, which is an essential human right and critical to sustainable development for everyone. For women and girls, education provides the tools and resources to empower them to make decisions about their lives and the future of their families. Educated women can break the cycle of poverty; they can choose when to marry and if and when to have children; they know how to access quality health care to safeguard themselves and their families; they can educate their own children and ensure greater opportunities for future generations.

While important progress has been made in achieving gender equality in primary and secondary school enrollment, significant gaps still remain at university level. These gaps are even more significant in fields traditionally dominated by men. To address this challenge and promote gender equality in education, Zonta International supports three programs for women and girls pursuing education and careers in traditionally male-dominated fields of aerospace sciences and engineering, business and business management and public affairs.

These programs are made possible through donations made to the Zonta International Foundation.