• The club has 25 members
  • We meet every second Monday of the month from September to June. The meetings are from 6:15 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.
  • We meet at Restaurant Martino, Marselis Havnevej 46, Aarhus. However, sometimes we have meetings at local businesses or cultural institutions.
  • The annual membership fee for 2019/20 is DKK 1,800.00 to be paid April 1st. Our membership fees cover all international fees and expenses as required by the Danish Zonta National Treasury.
  • The Registration fee is DKK 150, – to be paid to Zonta International (the club’s cashier)
  • Members pay DKK 200 to cover food and beverages at each meeting.

The Articles of the Zonta Aarhus I. (in Danish)

The history of Aarhus Zonta I. (in Danish)

Member meetings

At our monthly meetings, we organize important, inspiring lectures on a wide variety of topics at the Martino Restauran or interesting visits to companies or cultural institutions. Examples of speakers we have had lately: the politician Fatma Øtkem, fighter pilot and belly dancer Janne Holt, chief physician and transplant surgeon Øyvind Østraat. In 2015/16 we visited the Nest and the Women’s House in Aarhus. In 2019 we invited Emma Holten, a modern, outspoken feminist to speak and chair the Gender Equality event for over 100 high school students.

At our meetings we generally start by eating a light meal followed by coffee / tea and a light dessert.

Each year, the Board prepares an event calendar for the entire season. The club members are then organized in groups and each group is responsible for at least one member meeting. The activity plan is published on the website as soon as it is ready.

The Board of Directors as of October 1, 2020

  • Susanne Søndergaard Hansen, chairman
  • Mette Østergaard
  • Bodil Brock
  • Hanne Teglhus
  • Marie-Elisabeth Hansen

Outside the Board:

Treasurer: Bodil Brock

Accountants: Tonna Madsen and Lida Huldgaard (alternate)


  • Membership Committee:
    • Bente Lindgaard
    • Marianne Gasbjerg
  • Projects Committee (Projects to promote Zonta’s values):
    • Merete Gregersen
  • Scholarship Committee:
    • Sally Thorhauge
    • Ane Hejlskov Larsen
  • Activity Committees:
    • The Board of Directors organizes election meetings and annual meetings.
    • The Board of Directors appoints the groups who are responsible for organizing the activities of the club meetings, including booking meeting rooms, ordering food and beverages and taking the minutes at the meeting.
  • Communications Committee:
    • Lena Bundgaard Mortensen
    • Sally Thorhauge
    • Susanne Søndergaard Hansen
  • Donatations Committee:
    • Hanne Teglhus
    • Lida Hulgaard